The Grand Canyon. South Rim.

The Formation of the Grand Canyon: Exploring Geological History

The Grand Canyon, one of the most awe-inspiring natural wonders of the world, stands as a magnificent testament to the power of geological processes over millions of years. Its formation is a captivating story of earth science, involving the interplay of rock formation, plate tectonics, and erosion. The...
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Fly Geyser - Nevada

Fly Geyser aka Fly Ranch Geyser is a small geothermal geyser that is situated approximately 20 miles (32 km) north of Gerlach, in Washoe County. It’s particularly notable for its vibrant colors and unique appearance. Fly Geyser showcases the intersection of human activity and geological processes. Origin...
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Turnip Rock - Michigan

Turnip rock is a small Natural Geological formation known as a Stack (a geological landform consisting of a steep and often vertical column or columns of rock in the sea near a coast, formed by wave erosion) located in Lake Huron in shallow water a few meters offshore near the rock known as the Thumbnail. Due...
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The Immortal Bridge, China

On the top of Tai Shan (Mount Tai) in China there is the so-called Immortal Bridge, a beautiful and remarkable formation of arch. The arch is made up of single huge rolling stones, which once fell between the rocks and remained stuck between them. At first glance it is difficult to believe that a man...
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waitomo caves

Waitomo Glowworm Caves - New Zealand

Waitomo is a village located in the northern King Country region of the North Island of New Zealand. The village is popular for the Glow Worm Caves which is a solutional cave system formed in  Oligocene.
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