Simply Geology is the Scientific Study of the Planet Earth ! This Study extends across the whole Earth from Earths very inner core to the Edge of the Atmosphere and across the time from the very beginning of the earth and to the… well, lets say future ! Geology is one hell of an Exciting Subject!


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Who is a Geologist ? What is the role of a Geologist ?

Technically anybody completes minimum level of education in geology subject [Bachelor of Science] can be considered as a Geologist. So what do geologists do ? what is the role of a Geologist ?

They are curious, they investigate Earth Materials to understand the planet and its history, to protect the Environment, to supply the things human kind need from earth, to mitigate natural hazards etc. The role of a Geologist depend on his Section he has Specialized in Geology. Yes there are several sections in this field which you can specialize and depend on that, two Geologist might have completely different roles in their careers !

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The Role of a Geologist