The Immortal Bridge, China

On the top of Tai Shan (Mount Tai) in China there is the so-called Immortal Bridge, a beautiful and remarkable formation of arch. The arch is made up of single huge rolling stones, which once fell between the rocks and remained stuck between them. At first glance it is difficult to believe that a man has nothing to do with the creation of this amazing bridge. And it seems that the bridge can collapse at any time and fall into the abyss. In reality, the stones have been in the unchanging position for several million years.

According to rough estimates of scientists, the arch was formed during the ice age. Local residents connect many legends and folk beliefs with the Immortal Bridge. According to one of them, a man who dares to cross the bridge, will gain immortality. For many years, the arch is a cult place to which a large number of pilgrims come. They regard the Immortal Bridge as a symbol of rebirth and eternal life.

Written by – Milan D. Basaric

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