What is Wind Erosion ?

Simply Wind Erosion is the process of Erosion, Transportation and Deposition of Top Soil via Wind. Wind can be an effective agent of erosion anywhere that it is strong enough to act.

Árbol de Piedra

Wind can erode by Deflation and Abrasion.

Deflation is the lowering of the land surface due to removal of fine-grained particles bythe wind. Deflation concentrates the coarser grained particles at the surface, eventually resulting in a surface composed only of the coarser grained fragments that cannot be transported by the wind. Such a surface is called desert pavement

Wind Abrasion is the removal of a solid object due to the impact of particles carried by the wind. The wind picks up particles and moves them. When the particles collide with a solid object, the impact causes small pieces of the object to break off. This can cause the object being hit with particles to become smooth or worn. This type of wind erosion is similar to sandblasting. During sandblasting, a person uses compressed air, or some other force, to push sand at a high velocity over an object in order to roughen or clear the surface. Wind abrasion is a natural form of sandblasting.